Red Embroidered Dress

Red Embroidered Dress

Hand-embroidered by Ludmila Onufrijchuk in Yorkton, Saskatchewan

Made for Christmas 1970

Plain weave wool and wool embroidery thread

Bohdan Medwidsky Ukrainian Folklore Archives, UF2013.45.a155

Donated by Dr. Roman Onufrijchuk

Mount by Larisa Cheladyn, Graduate Student

Hair by Loretta Yau, former Graduate Student

Accessorized with:

Brown Patent Leather Pumps

Manufactured by Roger Vivier Boutique

ca. 1970


Clothing and Textiles Collection, 1993.14.3

Donated by Monique Kornell

The dress features stylized traditional Ukrainian motifs that are cross-stitched in black wool.

All photographs by Anne Bissonnette©

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