Our goal is to be one of the world’s great collections for the public good. With the artifacts, the infrastructure and the skills, we intend to direct our efforts towards what the University of Alberta’s first president, Henry Marshall Tory, announced as the “uplifting of the whole people” in Alberta, across Canada, and around the world.

We want our collection to be accessible to all. We believe this access will help push the boundaries of knowledge in the field of costume and textiles and serve researchers across disciplines. As the artifacts we hold can serve to talk about the artistry and diversity of the world’s inhabitants, they are unique and invaluable instruments of communication that can enlighten us and enable a better understanding of one another.

The Clothing and Textile Collection at the University of Alberta can become a recognized international leader in its field. Although the Collection has a need for exceptional artifacts that cater to its mission and fit within the specific courses that use its holdings, collecting a greater quantity of artifacts is not the answer. Making better use of the collection is the key.

Nestled in higher education, this comprehensive collection can distinguish itself from others by sharing its expertise and holdings and developing tools that will lead to better use of clothing and textile artifacts locally, nationally and internationally. As big projects are made of small, well-crafted ones, we have identified five key objectives that will help us achieve our goal.

1) High Standards in Collections Management
2) Comprehensive Database Access
3) Leadership in Conservation
4) Travelling Exhibitions
5) Research Tools

For close to 40 years, we have built a collection and insured its well-being for generations to come. Following the current Dare to Discover vision and the Dare to Deliver academic plan, we must now finds ways to share our treasures with the world so that discovery goes beyond the classroom and the gallery to expand across time and geographic boundaries.

We must look forward to new challenges while holding on to our high standards and ideals.

How to get there 

The roadmap for the future is anchored in our current realities but pragmatism does not rule out big plans. With careful consideration of our resources, staff and the need of our immediate constituents, we must establish clear priorities that will make the most efficient use of our time and energy to help us reach our objectives. The search for external partners will enable us to maintain our standing in the field and address our future goals.

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