Fashion Culture Network

The Fashion Culture Network is dedicated to celebrating the idea of style and the appreciation of textiles through an open network of University of Alberta academic experts, staff, students, and the public. Based in the Department of Human Ecology in the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences, the Fashion Culture Network explores and fosters interest in the intrinsic value and history of textiles, particularly the University of Alberta’s extensive Clothing and Textiles Collection.

The network regularly hosts fun, thought-provoking lectures and conversations about historical form and fashion, ranging from powdered wigs to hoop skirts to the art of quilting. Formed to support the Clothing and Textiles Collection, the Fashion Culture Network is seeking monetary donations needed to conserve, research and display the collection's 23,000 artifacts, which span more than 350 years of history. The collection is used for valuable teaching purposes, as well as for museum exhibitions.






Photograph by Julianna Damer© Gateway Student Journalism Society

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