Website Development Fund


Our second funding priority is the establishment of a Web site Development Fund. Since her arrival in the summer of 2009, our curator has been working with Museum and Collection Services to develop and improve the Collection’s new Web site. Fall 2010 constitutes phase one of our new international presence. Over the past months, we have worked on developing an interface that will enable a more intuitive access to our database. A new focus on easy-to-understand vocabulary terms, more dynamic graphics and helpful visuals will far surpass what we have done in the past and what is currently the norm. Phase two of this work requires the inclusion of content relating to the collection and its use, information on storage methods with examples for a wide public, and the inclusion of virtual exhibitions where research by students and scholars can be shared. Hiring a person on a contractual basis to develop material and insert this content on the site would create a more easy to use tool for both the lay public and scholars. In addition to sharing our expertise with the world, virtual exhibitions could help us develop travelling exhibitions.