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Dr. Anne Bissonnette, Curator 
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Vlada Blinova, Collections Manager 
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Purple Jacket (Photographs #1 & #2 from the Top)
Megan Furler, Canada, Alberta, Edmonton, 2017.|
Rayon blend twill.
The back opening overlap to adjust for changes over the course of the day or years.
On loan courtesy of Meg Furler.


Navy Blue Adjustable Button-front Coat Dress (Photographs #3 to #6 in the Middle)
Patricia Siferd, Canada, Alberta, Edmonton, 2017.
Unknown synthetic fibers in plain weave structure.
The front placket can be buttoned in two ways to adjust to changing sizes. The back separating zipper can be opened/closed for more adjustability in the mid-section. The back shoulder pleats allow for ease of movement and spine curvature. The full skirt allows for changes in size.
On loan courtesy of Patricia Siferd.


Navy Expandable Trousers (Photographs #7 & #8 at the Bottom)
Josée Chartrand, Canada, Alberta, Edmonton, 2017.|
Wool blend twill.
Pant front buckles may be adjusted up and down one size using button fastenings. Two buttonholes can be used to adjust pants from extended periods of sitting to standing, and button may be moved for changes over years.
On loan courtesy of Josée Chartrand.
Embroidery by Yara Sayegh.
Buttons by Meg Furler.


Worn with:
Installation Shirt
Sabrina Butterfly, Canada, Edmonton, ca. 2010.
On loan courtesy of Josée Chartrand.


Photographs by Anne Bissonnette© 

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Misfits: Bodies, Dress and Sustainability

Dr. Anne Bissonnette, Josée Chartrand, Meg Furler, Yara Sayegh, and Patricia Siferd co-curators.
April 12 to September 13, 2017

 This exhibition is part of the undergraduate course “Material Culture and Curatorship” (HECOL 668) in the Department of Human Ecology

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